Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


hot guy of the day said...

Would love to stumble upon that 1st young stud. :D

uncle barry said...

#2: Will You Marry Me?

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Terrific Thursday Hotness Koba!!!

#1) Love to be at that beach resort, eyeing that tall handsome bookworm:) I do like me a tall one:)

#2) Dude, awesome body..and my, my, what a nice slab of meat you have:)

#3) F--k, just a beautiful sight.. what a nice cock, with a great man-bush... and that lucky bearded cocksucker on those hairy balls:):):):) Does life get any better????

#4) Holy Sish-ka-bob, nice piece of meat, with two Fat balls:):), man, am I getting real hungry.

#5) I want to smell this hockey jock's ripe taint:)

#6) Koba... I warned you about taking pic's of me when I'm in the sauna, at my gym!!!! I want to keep my membership.

#7) Woof, Woof, look at the size of those biceps... and the rest of that great buddy.. very handsome dude:):)

#8) First I want to kiss you, then kiss your neck, then get a whiff of that hairy pit, and then work my way down to that "packaging"...

#9) Imagine the musky smells that come form this dude, on a hot humid day in August after taking a jog.. I'm hard as a rock, right now:):):)

#10) Ah, we have to get that nut out, or we can't think "straight"..

Thanks Koba

Akbar Maulana said...