Friday, November 27, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


uncle barry said...

But It's Black Friday 😅

karl said...

Lovely xxxx

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba.

#1) Oh yes indeed, I saw some nice "eye-candy" in the gym showers today:):)

#2) WoW, some serious Ballroom dancing going on.. I love to spend time down at the "boys":)

#3) LOL.. I think that siff prick, made his own Gh.. that baby is rigid.. If there's a will, there's a way:)

#4) Woof Woof, you big armed hairy dude. Also you are packing rather nicely for your hike:)

#5) Oh yeah, the "cocksucker" has found his meal:)

#6) I have a funny feeling this handsome dude, with the nice piece of man-meat, won't be alone for long:)

#7) In less than a second beefy dude, I'll be in that nice bed of yours, sniffing your pits, feeling those big strong arms, and then giving you a nice kiss, then going down for the kill.. (AKA.. going to suck a nut out of you)

#8) I would not mind one pit, watching this dude, take his piss:)

#9) Oh both dudes are winners here.. one loves to shove a tongue up a dude's musky hole and the other dude, LOVES how it feels:):)

#10) Sharing their love juice, is the most interment act of love:)

Thanks Koba

Loura Dominic said...

I know what you like... Lucky you. I LOVE giving you exactly what you want. Now, sit back, relax, and let me smother you with my tits... I'm going to drop these huge, natural breasts and large nipples RIGHT ON YOUR FACE. I'm going to drop them so many ways, you won't know what hit you. WARNING: you may get dizzy, your cock may get harder than it's ever been, you may lose all sense of self-control.
Tara Tainton