Friday, November 6, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

Hey guys! Hope you have a good weekend. I won't be posting tomorrow, but will be back on Sunday with Cock of the Block. It will be later in the afternoon when it appears. We're off to Moncton for the weekend. Cheers! 


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday Post Koba, and enjoy your weekend, you deserve it.

#1) Oh yeah big guy, play with those soapy balls, and you be mixing soap and boy butter in no time:)

#2) Heck, just one beautiful sight.. hairy chest, one great "treasure trail, hairy legs, and throw in the jock, and WOW:)

#3) Oh please handsome, let me have the opportunity to make that nice piece of meat Grow to it's full potential:) BTW... Nice Bush.

#4) Now there's a dude, who loves the man-meat:):)

#5) Oh great chest and arms guy, let me give you a HAND... Job:):)

#6) F--k, my jerk off pic for the day.. Upper body just beatiful, and that's what I call the perfect cock.. just the right size and nice loose balls:):):):)

#7) Oh my drinking at the trough.. Hey whatever "floats your boat":)

#8) Wow, Wee... that is no small feat:):):):)

#9) OH I so can identify.. I love anything masculine smelling:):)

#10) I can see how a thick cock like that, would give one awesome facial:):):)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

The guy on first pic is a porn actor, isn't he? I think I've seen him before... WAY before, like 1998.

Axiom2001 said...

#1 All me to join him, lather him up, rinse, then suck that log into oblivion!

#5 A hot tongue bath awaits here!

#6 Damn, he's mouth watering.

#8 I want to join and lick along with him. Afterwards, he'd deeply bury that bone inside of my tight chunnel!

#9 I want to join him and delight in his hard, hot physicality!!


Anonymous said...

Love the last pic. What a big beautiful cock!!!!!