Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday bonus!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh my, an extra treat tonight... Thanks Koba, you definitely getting something nice for Christmas:)

#1) That is one lucky lady, if she's going to get that hanging sausage up her "muffin":):)

#2) Can I suck you off, after you take your selfie:)

#3) Nice, I think they like each other:):)

#4,5,6) That lucky "cocksuker" sucking my favorite cock, the "medium thickie" with nice FAT balls:):)

#7) OH yes young men, things are definitely looking "up" for you two, now get in that shed, and help each other out:)

#8) Wow, I love FAT Full balls:)

#9) OH, just 5 minutes, with this dude, and I'll have him making a sticky mess:) I would be on that cock so fast.

#10) I suddenly got a craving for a chocolate covered BANANA:):)

#11) Wow, another "medium thickie", with fat balls.. I'm horny as hell..

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

"SUPER-HOT" BOnus! ...liked each and everyone! Many thanks!