Monday, November 9, 2015

Back to the grind...

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Scott said...

Magnificent Monday post Koba!!

#1) Gotta love "gang showers" at the gym.. Looks like someone doesn't mind anyone seeing him take a leak in the showers:) Actually I could care less about someone taking a piss in the showers, but a dude brushing his teeth in the showers is DISGUSTING.. Sorry for the rant, but some do it at my gym:(

#2) Oh Mr. Workboot dude.. Go for it, that piece of meat is ready for ya:)

#3) I never actually saw anyone take a selfie in the lockroom, but I have seen plenty of fine man-ass, like this dude has:):)

#4) Ah, and everyone is HAPPY CAMPER:):):)

#5) Oh dude, with that beauty, you don't have to hide:)

#6) Wow that thick cock had to come out of that pouch to breathe:)

#7) Sweet... in a minute dude, you would be looking down at me, sucking your cock:)

#8) Nice legs.... Beautiful package:)

#9) Handsome hairy dude getting clean:)

#10) Just the dirty workboots alone, gives me a Boner:):0

Thanks Koba