Monday, November 30, 2015

Back to the Grind...


hot guy of the day said...

2nd photo is my total & complete fave!! :)

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Great Back to the grind post, Koba.

#1) Oh yes, I joined the boys in the showers, after my workout today. Heck it's the best part of the workout.. that's if your into guys...just saying:):):)

#2) Wow, someone, puts some serious time in at the gym, but his package, is pure nature built.. and nature was very good to him:)

#3) I hope that lucky cocksucker, gets every last drop, a white sticky mess, won't look good on the well dressed man's shiny black shoes:):):):)

#4) I love a two fisted man... and doing a might fine job at that:)

#5) Mr, Jamesson, what a great body, and nice hairy one at that.. Just trim the beard a little and you would be SO FREAKING HOT:):):)

#6) Oh my, I think the boss is going to break the newbie in, and what a way to do it.. He will move up within the company:):)

#7) Oh buddy boy, you can show off for me anytime:):)

#8) Oh would I ever stop, and give him quick discreet head...just like at the gym.. Have to be very fast... no time for idle chit-chat:)

#9) Woof, I certainly could use that handyman, around my place:):)

#10) Some like to suck fingers, some like to suck cock.. to each his own:):):) I kinda think it's neat what some men like, and other don't...

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

ALL TEN are fukin'-- fukin' sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlilng!!!