Saturday, May 19, 2018


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekender's here Koba!!!

#1) Koba you going for your bike ride?:):): WOOF

#2) Hey hunky tattoo dude, yes I will give you the best foot massage you ever had. But just have to warn you I might just taste those toes of yours:):) Guys if it's not you thing to do it.. just give it a try to make you bf or husband happy. When I do it, the dude, most dudes, jack their cocks like a jackhammer:):)

#3) Hell ya, a little rub and tug, always feels soooo good:):)

#4) If that's a hand gesture to come give you some head, I'M ON MY WAY:):):)

#5) Ahhhh, once that mouth gets on that head, and you start to bobble up and down, you going to have such a fine meal. Just remember, he has two fine balls that need a little loving to:):)

#6) Oh please let me Do the unveiling. My mouth is also watering for those lovely nips of yours:)

#7) That a boy, I play with my "button" from time to time. Your doing a great job:)

#8) Now that looks like some real "cowpoke" fun:)

#9) Masculinity at it's best:)

#10) Looks like the young man had a real nice party for himself:):)

Thanks Koba