Monday, May 28, 2018

Back to the grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great BTTG posting Koba!!

Memorial Day here in the United Sates, just want to thank all those who sacrificed their lives so that many could enjoy freedom.

#1) Oh boy, Today I missed heavenly sights like this in the showers. What a beautiful bum:)

#2) Sometimes I'm the lookout dude in the lockeroom, and get to enjoy scenes like this. Hot, very hot:)

#3 Business dude, has some other kind of work in mind:)

#4) OH buddy, I'll look at all your muscles anytime:)

#5) Oh yeah, TEA @ "crumbits. Now that's a meat to enjoy:)

#6) Cute and happy couple:)

#7) Oh yes, sucking of the big guy with a thick cock, Yummy:)

#8) Indeed, make yourself comfortable, while you service my cock:)

#9) Hell, it's worth sending your suit to the cleaners:)

Thanks Koba