Friday, May 18, 2018

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Tremendous TGIF posting Koba!!

#1) Oh someone hunky dude is enjoying his shower:)

#2) Wow, let me see some of this kind of "eye candy" in the locker room:)

#3) Ah, male bonding, isn't it great:)

#4) Two handsome dudes with their hoggers hanging out:)

#5) Looks like Leo having a nice jerk with a buddy:)

#6) Just love getting into a dudes car and giving him anonymous head, especially on a foggy rainy night in the gym parking lot. Never know where those cameras are going to be:)

#7) Ohhh, I want to play in the rain with these dudes:)

#8) Yummy, and I'm hungry.. Beautiful cock and balls on this handsome dude:)

#9) Woof, let me catch that ginger's, "nectar of the gods":)

#10) Someone just earned a nice vanilla milk shake:):)

Thanks Koba

Tony60416 said...

#1 is perfection in every aspect of manhood

Axiom2001 said...

As a few others have mentioned-- this week's slate is filled with a plethora of men with grogeous endowments.
For me I am likin' #s 2---3---4--5---and---10. I will yield my vote to #3. If any one of the others win, I'll be happy.

This month or perhaps last, the men who received my vote won, and they "fed" me royally afterwards!

#3 #3 #3