Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Thursday Hotness posting Koba!!

#1) Oh it's a win-win situation here, as far as I'm concerned. I love having my balls licked and love sucking and licking a nice set of loose balls.

#2) I saw this vid, loved it. After setting up their tent for that evening, these English lads, all sat around, had a few beers, kidding around with each other with dude banter, and then one by one "cranked" out a great nut:) I bet they all slept very well that night:)

#3) Woof, I just leaked a little pre.. I love all kinds of guys, but the Big hairy boys have a special place in my hard-on, opps I meant heart:):) WOOF, Look at those chests, thighs, and big paws:):) I use my imagination about what their "rump roasts" look like!!!!

#4) Another win-win situation here, that's if you like to give and receive head:):)

#5) OH big bearded Viking dude, and I get on your nips:):) SWEET

#6) Wow, great hairy, thick bush, and very nice cock, oh and those legs.. Woof

#7) Thanks Koba, you now how to make my day. Mighty muscles and musky pits always makes my day and night:)

#8) Forget about the "tea and crumbits" cock and balls is what this is all about:)

#9) You bet, in about 3 hours, I'll be hitting the gym, and after my workout, I heading for the showers and sauna:) Man, I hope there are some dudes that need their cocks drained:)

#10) Yes indeed, this is the time of the year, when the lads will be spewing outside:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

The English lads vid. Enjoy!