Saturday, May 12, 2018



Axiom2001 said...

--#2 "Allow me to do what you're doing!" "You'll definitely like it!"

--#4 "I will join you two and blow both of you into oblivion!"

--#5 Awaitin' to play long and hard.

--#7 Let me spit shine that dark chocolate pipe; afterwards you can fuck me senseless!

--#8 "I love hirsute cuties, this one especially!"

--9 I could truly enjoy your "BIG LOVE STICK!"

--10 "Ready for me to lick all of that thick creama?"

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Wow, your a longed legged, big foot dude!! And also those big fat balls, and nice slab of beef:)

#2) Hey a man has to eat and scratch:) It's what we do!! Personally I would like to suck and lick to:):)

#3) F--k, ya, the season is coming, would love to share that blanket with him:)

#4) Ah, young love.. sweet:)

#5 I think someone is going to get caught, "whacking off". But it will be worth it, his buddy will finish him off:)

#6) Woof, what a hot long haired hairy cutie:)

#7) Sure you can lick it, but I REALLY, think he going to eventually going to want a nice SUCK:):)

#8) Woof.. cool drizzly night in Central Mass, he hairy compact cutie come cozy up to me:)

#9) Wow.. dude, Hairy in all the right places..Big Balls to:):)

#10) Oh dude, I'm so horny now, I would do such a great clean up for you:) NO cum rag needed!!!

Thanks Koba