Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday Ramifications!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications Koba!!

#1) OH would I ever, love to unzip that sweet "package" and let him loose:)

#2) Dude, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Chow down on that fine piece of dark meat, and Don't forget his balls:)

#3) Oh don't worry that bottom bitch will keep his legs spread for you, as long as you keep hitting his "button":)

#4) F-ck, that bottom's cock looks so delicious (perfect size and thickness). I wonder if I could join in, and be sucking it, while he's enjoying his ride:)

#5) Hey Alpha male, you can give me the finger all you want, as long as you take your cock and let me drain you dry:) NO clean up mess for you.. I promise

#6) He might look at little nervous with another dudes hand on his cock, but when your horny enough and have to "nut", you can get over your shyness:)

#7) Yup, that's what I would be doing, sucking on that bottom's cock::):)

#8) Oh, Wolf-man, with your powerful arms and legs, F--k him good:):)

#9) "Thanks for calling buddy, I'll be right over":) Ah, I love to watch and participate in group sex:):)

#10) Someone just had a good time:)

Thanks Koba