Friday, May 4, 2018

Thank God it's Friday!


Tony60416 said...

Love all the furry bears!!! Great pits!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, this TGIF posting is right "up" my alley:)

#1) Yes indeed, I showered with the men today after my workout. Yes got a few good looks at some NICE manly body parts:)

#2) Oh my, WISH, I saw this heavenly sight in the locker room today:) Just BEAUTIFUL.. Woof

#3) Lower, Lower, great bush, but I'm sooooo horny, have to see that cock and balls of yours:)

#4) That young man is enjoying a cocksucking from an expert:)

#5) Oh big bear, come and paw me ALL over. I hope your around when I need you on a cold night. You can wrap those hot, hunky, hairy legs around me:):)

#6) Wow great furry tummy, and some BIG BI's:):)

#7) Woof, now that's a nice pit:):)

#8) Mighty fine water fountain:) That is one nice cock:)

#9) Oh, Alpha male, enjoying your package, very much dude:)

#10) Damn right... You did him up just fine.. and you got rewarded:):) Good for you.. You get two thumbs up from me:):)

Thanks Koba