Saturday, May 5, 2018


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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Weekender's here Koba!!

#1)Those sniff nips definitely go with that still cock:)

#2) With that strong arm resting on his head that young man will have a full piece of meat in him mouth in no time:)

#3) Awesome man-legs, just awesome:) Woof

#4) Wow, dude you have to find someone that appreciates them:) I mean most guy guys will suck cock, but maybe take a coup of licks of a pit, but I would lap those babies, and get my nose right in there:)

#5) And that's how it all started..LOL.. These two are going to have a fun day:)

#6) She doesn't look interested buddy, but I'll take care of your blue balls for you:)

#7) Dinner and a movie tonight????????

#8) Wouldn't give this tough dude any trouble, but then again, if he shoved me down and gave me a good f--k, it might put in a better mood:):):)

#9) Oh handsome let me take care of that boner for you:)

#10) Like Vanilla ice-cream... Well almost....LOL!!!!!!:):)

Thanks Koba