Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Hotness!


Tony60416 said...

The last four pics are my favs

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Holy Hotness Thursday indeed Koba, great job!!

#1) Don't have to wait for Summer to come to engage in this kind of fun activity today, here in Mass. Very humid and warm today:):)

#2) This boy boy is very hot, to me anyways.. have seen him in many vids, but right name is name escapes me.

#3) Yup the Dairy Queen is officially open for the season. So right about now I COULD go for a foot-long:):)

#4) Indeed a cocksucker will get on his knees when he's hungry for meat:)

#5) Oh yeah, he know's exactly what makes him feel so good:):)

#6) OH hairy hunky legged cutie, come over, after the match, and I'll take care of your balls:)

#7)Woof, I want to join this dude on that chair:):):) Woof

#8) On a hot SPRING day May3, 2018 here in Central Ma, I'd love to get my nose in that nice deep dark hopefully funky pit, and that sniff nip:) YUMMY

#9) Let me taste some of that nectar that will come out of the head of that delicious hot uncut cock.

#10) Were men.... WE Live to make the gooey mess....

Thanks Koba