Saturday, March 4, 2017



Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Weekenders here Koba!

#1) Now, that's a pair of "knockers", that I even like:):) LOL..

#2) Ah, sometimes, nothing quite like a good old GH:)

#3) How about, while you paint, I suck?:):)

#4) Oh yes indeed, I do think the guys like each other:)

#5) Handsome, I'll be right over, and DON'T put that arm down:)

#6) F--k, that's what I need on this very cold, windy winter night, a nice warm hairy ass to bury my face in:):)

#7) Hey good looking while your on your Apple, can I get on your BANANA:)

#8) Oh yeah, take that floppy disk out:):)

#9) AHHHH, the "nut" has been cracked:):) HOT

#10) I'm always a happy camper, when I have cock in my mouth:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

#3 i love the Paint....Give me the White over my facendo
Fred from Sicilia

Anonymous said...

Love number 3. Would love to join number 6.