Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Oh yes, indeed, some mighty fine Thursday Hotness here Koba!

#1) Man, we had some really strong March winds today, and maybe an inch or two of snow tomorrow, and then VERY cold for the next few days. Please tell me where I can find this heavenly hairy stud so I can keep warm with him.

#2) Now young man, don't get side-tracked, or he just might let you have the honor of sucking his cock. Now GET TO IT!!!!!!

#3) Hey big boy, let me come in the comfy bed with you, I'll pull down your tighty whites, and that will really put a smile on your face:)

#4) Oh I have a feeling after a little lovey dovey, the Big dude, is going to mouth the young lad:):)

#5) Ah, that finger is going to taste so sweet, when he puts it in his own mouth:):) Nectar of the gods:)

#6) That's what I need tonight, a hot hairy men, on his comfy couch:)

#7) Handsome I have a great idea, you put that cap on your head (yes you other head), and I'll get inbetween you great man legs, and give you some great head. I'll crouch down, and you can be the lookout for any uptight people walking by:):)

#8) I mean com-on young man, That is an invitation, if I ever saw one!!!

#9) Hell yes, March winds do your thing, let that sweaty musky funky pit smell come in my window:):):) Very handsome young man:)

#10) Oh yes, the "double nut"...OH so good:):)

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks for the comments, Scott! Always appreciated, as I am sure you know, but it never hurts to say thank you! Your comments are always and very much appreciated! :) We gotta get together sometime in Ogunquit!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba, that would be really great to get together with you up and Ogunquit and chit chat. I'm trying my best to get in shape but, I seem to be losing the battle.

Man we would be talking about Cock, Cock and more Cock..LOl..

Very cold here in Central Ma Koba, and going to get very, very cold for the weekend, then..THEN...they are talking about a Northeaster for Monday and Tuesday...Yikes..Are you hearing anything about a storm, coming your way?

Koba I'm staying in tonight, how about giving your fans a treat with a "Caption this photo". I know, I ask a lot of you, AND you always come thru.

Thanks buddy.


Anonymous said...

6: Let me in (betwen your legs)

Anonymous said...

Cold here too, but won't be long before spring, so enjoy the snow if you get any :))