Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

I'm very Happy with this Hump Day posting Koba!

#1) Wow, I'd love to listen to this dudes slapping bouncing balls, as he tops a bottom bitch:)

#2) I wish I was the one doing the unveiling of this hot dudes jeans, and seeing that python come to life:)

#3) Now there's a guy, who truly loves man-ass. Bro I'm with you, bon appetite:)

#4) Hey handsome would it be to forward of me to ask you, after you piss, can I suck a "nut" out of you?:)

#5) I love seeing the boys having a good time:)

#6) Heck by eyes would be wide open to, if I had that thick piece of meat in my mouth:):) Just wait till you get the gooey surprise in your mouth!!!

#7) Hey you compact cutie, I would lift you right up on that stove, lift your legs up, eat your ass, then work on that beautiful stiff cock and balls of yours, till you gave me your seed:)

#8) It's settled for tomorrow's breakfast, I'm having pigs in a blanket with a couple of extra large eggs:):):):)

#9) OH poor baby, come into the locker room, so I can rub those aching balls of yours. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it:):):)

#10) Lickity Split, the Dairy Queen, in Clinton Ma, is opening soon:):) Though you wouldn't know it tonight... Temp is 14 degress, and a wind-chill factor of below zero. This might set a record for March 22!!!!

Thanks Koba