Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications Koba!!

#1) OH yeah, I so can identify, I usually don't like to ride on the hobby horse, but the dude I met up with last night, know how to push my buttons. Yes I did enjoy the ride:)

#2) Yes, once you "grease" the hole, it make it much easier to stick it to him:)

#3) Man, I would to participate in this hookup, I would love to lick their bouncing balls:)

#4) Yup, saw this vid, the groom wanted his best man to "stick" it to him, one last time, before he only sticks it in the "honey pot" from now on.

#5) Lucy Bastard, now don't forget about his fat balls:)

#6) This pic, always make me sport a bone. Two powerful bulls in action:):):)

#7) Oh my, his button was touched, and so the cream was made:)

#8) OH young man, I like what you are sporting:)

#9) This poor dude, how no say in the matter, he better get busy:)

#10) Wow, now these boys are serious about their "watersports"!!

Thanks Koba