Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications...


Jack said...

#s 1, 3, 10 add up to a perfect afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Better late than never, just getting a chance to look at this hot post now. Great job Koba!

#1) Oh yes, he'a all lubed up and ready to stick it to hat fine "male pussy"

#2) OH handsome, that is fine looking cock, with a beautiful set of balls:)

#3) Nope, no coffee for him, he wants a refreshing drink, from the tap:)

#4) Bicycle boy showing off his meat:)

#5) Wow, let me join you, in your comfortable bed. I like what your packing in those "tighty whites:)

#6) Anywhere, anytime, If a bottom wants it bad enough, he will spread his legs:)

#7) Wow, this handsome tattooed dude, feels his jock out, very well, indeed:)

#8) Oh handsome hairy dude, leave that arm up, I'll be there in a few, to get my tongue and nose, deep in that funky pit of yours:)

#9) Hell ya, "snap" that fine dark meat of yours:)

#10) That's what it's all about for us guys.. Getting the "nut" out:)

Thanks Koba