Monday, March 13, 2017

Back to the Grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, I might be a day late, but Koba, great Back to the Grind posting!

#1) Yes sir, That's one of the perks you get after you gym workout, Great "eye-candy":):) Do love me a "gang" shower:)

#2) Holy Jaw Breaker Batman, gives this "cocksucker" an A+, for tackling that piece of meat:)

#3) Now, that's a nice way to spend your coffee break, no coffee, But lots of Cream:):)

#4) Yup you push the right "buttons" and you get "results":):0

#5) Now that's how you work, your way out of a ticket:) SWEET

#6) Love, seeing both the cocksucker and the receiver enjoying each other so much:)

#7) Don't have to ask me twice, I'm on it..SLURP, nice balls to:)

#8) Love seeing buddies sharing a meal:)

#9) Buddy get on the cock, it's the best kind, the "medium thickie":) Yummy!!!!

#10) Suddenly got the urge for a chocolate covered BANANA:)

Thanks Koba.. Thanks for the hot post.. I'm dealing with the Blizzard we had here, in Central Mass. Man, Ogunquit is going to be so nice this Summer.. if summer ever comes....LOL...