Saturday, March 11, 2017


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, these Weekenders will certainly keep me warm today! Great job Koba

#1) I think I have to up my gym routine. Woof, would I love to get in that warm pit, and suck on those nice small stiff nips:)

#2) NOW, those are a set of beautiful loose balls.. TEABAG ME PLEASE:)

#3) Oh yes indeed, I coming around the corner to take care of your manly needs:)

#4) Oh yes BOTH enjoying themselves:) One happy "cocksucker" and the receiver of getting his knob polished:)

#5) Com-on handsome, just a little lower:)

#6) That is one nice jock cock. Nice full mushroom capped head:)

#7) LOL.. He took that fish, hook, line and sinker..Hell, I would to. Man oh man, men will get there nut off anyhow, anywhere:)

#8) LOOK AT THOSE ARMS!!!!:):) Woof

#9) Holy Foot Long Batman, is the Dairy Queen open already:)

#10) Saturday feeding, I hope I get some to:):)

Thanks Koba

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