Saturday, August 27, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wonderful Weekenders Koba!!!

#1) Cool feet, makes a Hot cock:):):)

#2) Hey you hot hairy long legged dude, Ah, can I suck on those fine looking man-toes of yours, and then I'll lick those nice loose balls of yours:)

#3) Ah, the guys having some good clean fun:):)

#4) OH, don't they look sweet.. Love is grand:)

#5) Love, seeing the boys act silly:)

#6) F-ck ya, somebody just hit somebody's love button:):)

#7) Woof, would I take advantage of this sleeping beauty:)

#8 Heck with a piece of beef like that in his mouth, only two words, LUCKY BASTARD:)

#9) Hey Big Boy, why don't you wrap those hunky legs around me:)

#10) Someone's doing a mighty fine "job":):)

Thanks Koba