Friday, August 5, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Damn. #2 is the most perfect man in the history of the world.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said....

Fantastic Friday post Koba!

#1) LOL.. yup that's what the boys do when they see me coming into the showers at the gym. They will go home with smiles on their faces:)

#2) Woof, perfect specimen of a man:)

#3) Now that dude I can identify with, getting right up there with his tongue:)

#4) When dude's are hungry for a BJ, anywhere is fair game:) Well almost anyplace.

#5) Hey handsome, can I bury my nose in your hairy pit:)

#6) Wow, that is one nice cock and loose balls. Love his legs to:):):)

#7) Time for a foot long down at the Dairy Queen tomorrow:):)

#8) Ah, what are buddies for?.. a shower and stroke, works for me:)

#9) Love that tummy fur, that leads down to a nice bush, cock and balls:)

#10) Ah, a precious droplet to be had:):)

Thanks Koba