Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great job Koba, my kind of post, plenty of "cock and cum"!!

#1) Man would I love to shower with this dude. That is one mighty fine cock he has between his legs:)

#2) Um boys, could I please join you in that sauna. Yes you can still sit back and enjoy your steam, while I get inbetween both of your legs and take care of your "manly" needs:)

#3) Dude, let me join you, on your "cock break". I promise it will be much better than a "coffee break", though cream will still be part of it... "YOURS"!!!!

#4) Wow, would I ever love to play with all your balls:) Mighty fine cock, I might add:):)

#5) Just beautiful.. Would I love to put my hand down your sweats, and set that python free:)

#6) Thick cock, fat balls, F-ck ya, I just met a new friend:)

#7) You lucky cocksucker, nice cock, nice body:)

#8) Boys, my bed is nice and warm to, com-on in, I'm hungry:):)

#9) Young man, you fill that jock out, very well indeed:)

#10) SEE, Big macho dudes, do get "facials":):):)

Thanks Koba