Saturday, August 20, 2016


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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, what a Weekenders Sausage fest, great job Koba!!

#1) I'd love to get in between this hairy dudes legs, and got at that beautiful mushroom head:)

#2) Sure, I'll sniff that funky pit, but then I'm going down to that nice stiff cock of yours:)

#3) OH yeah, he loves it, pinch them even harder. Hey while your pinching his nips, can I suck you both off? Those are some mighty fine looking cocks:)

#4 Dude, I would do you from head to toe:):) Just beautiful!!

#5) That's right buddy, take a good sniff of your hairy funky pit, and let me get my mouth on your cockhead:)

#6) OH my goodness gracious, those sheets will have to be changed before they go to bed:)

#7) Wow, that is one nice MEAT-STICK:):)

#8) Lucky, lucky bastard, I'm envious, that is one fine piece of man-meat:):):)

#9) Let me at that fine tattooed man ass:)

#10) Now, that is my goal for tonight, getting a dudes man-goo, in my mouth:):)

Thanks Koba