Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind post Koba!!

#1) Would Love to see this hot hairy dude, in the showers at my gym:)

#2) Ah, wouldn't mind one bit, being in that locker room, seeing this "bulging" dude:)

#3) Love it, straight dude being forced to chow down on the salami:):)

#4) Sweet, this dude worked up a sweat to get at that musky warm hole:)

#5) Ah, nice jock cock:)

#6) I suddenly got the urge to chow down on a chocolate covered BANANA:):)

#7) Buddy, if you need a place to stay, you more than welcomed to stay at my place:)

#8) Woof, you got it young man, I'll be right over to take care of you:)

#9) A well dressed, handsome man, with a delicious cock:)

#10) Lucky Bastard, but get ready, he's ready to blast off:)

Thanks Koba