Friday, August 19, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIF post Koba...

#1) Wow, that is one beautiful backside of the male species. Nice broad back, great strong butt, and thick legs. I would love to be sharing a shower with this dude.

#2) LOL.. Those are some "Happy" feet in the water, the cool sensation went right to his cock:):):)

#3) OH yes, you blue-eyed cutie, you enjoy that meat:) and don't you worry, he WILL reward you:)

#4) Wow, a mouthful of your buddy's THICK COCK:):) Bon appetite!!!

#5) Holy Foot long Batman, do they serve chocolate eclairs at the Dairy Queen:):):):) I'm hungry!!!!

#6) Hey "cocksucker" could I join you and help you out, those balls look mighty inviting:)!!!

#7) F--king hot, two buddies jacking together:):)

#8) That curved snake, is a handful and a half:)

#9) This happy couple should get on that bed, and do the nasty!! Wow, is it my wishful thinking, or is that dark meat, leaking some serious pre:):):):) Woof

#10) That's what it's all about guys:):):)

Thanks Koba... Hey Koba I have the day off. I know you a very busy guy, but if you see this, can we have a "caption" this photo segment. Thanks, your the best