Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday hotness is right Koba, great post!

#1) UM, AH, I wonder if I could sneak a good suck, off that beautiful uncut cock, and lick those delicious loose nuts:)

#2) I don't know what everybody else is looking at, but if I was there, my eyes would be on that dude's meat:):) It's a beauty:)

#3) Hold on buddy, just finished my shower, and heading into the sauna right now. Don't you worry I'll take care of you:)

#4) LOL... When Patrick asked for a Blow, I don't think he actually meant for you to blow on his cock.. Now get on that nice meat-stick, tout de suite:)

#5) Ah, coming from his own personal water supply!!

#6) This handsome dude, spends some serious time in the gym:)

#7 Woof, please invite me in your bed big boy, I lick you from head to toe:) What a great bush, cock and nice loose balls:)

#8) While you have a smoke, can I smoke your sausage and lick your eggs:)

#9) You don't have to fold your arms waiting for me to suck that beautiful chocolate covered BANANA, I'll be right over:)

#10) Ah, the appreciation of a good "cocksucker", getting his reward, for a job well done:)

Thanks Koba