Saturday, May 21, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Super Saturday Weekenders Koba@

#1) Love to me "down under" watching the kangaroos with this tall handsome dude with the great tushy:)

#2) Ah, um, young men, is there room for me on that cozy bed, I'll give you all head. So if I do the math right I'll be sucking 5 cocks and licking 10 balls:):) That's what I call heaven:)

#3,4,and 5) Love it, Hey men would jump through hopes to get a cock...LOL.. that is one nice cock and balls to be enjoying:)

#6) Wow, what a nice compact body on this little cutie. Hey while your drink your OJ, get I'll milk your cock and get a protein shake: Nice hairy legs:)

#7) Just beautiful, that is some nice tummy fur:)

#8) Man did this dude give a exact specification of where he wanted that hair placed on his body.. Just one beatuiful dude.

#9) Love your cock young man.. A "medium thickie", my favorite kind:):)

#10) F--k that "cocksucker" beat me to it, I want that "medium thick" cock in MY mouth:):)

Thanks Koba