Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Thursday hotness is right Koba, great job!

#1) Oh buddy boy, your have a really nice cock and balls:)

#2) Wow, isn't that a great looking hairy torso.. Nice arms to:)

#3) Hey young man, love your cute "treasure trail":):)

#4) Now that's a grateful "cocksucker" look at those beautiful lips, engulfing that thick cock. Just remember to lick those delicious balls to:)

#5) Great looking naked outdoors man. Love his man legs, and that is one nice cock that's between them:)

#6) Woof, could I, ah, um, help you with something:)

#7) Looking good, real good, Mr Patrick O'Brian:)

#8) OMG, that is one hunky wrestler, that has to be one of the greatest chests I have soon. Man look at his beautiful nipples. I would love to flicker my tongue on those sniff nips:) Ah hell I'd love him to pin me down.

#9) These handsome hairy hotties are taking a much need rest:)

#10) Ah what a lovely sight.. I can smell the manliness:) Wouldn't mind one bit cleaning the manly mess they made:)

Thanks Koba