Friday, May 20, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Axiom2001 said...

I’m so friggin’ horny that I’d like to take
long and hard and deeply what numbers
1–2–3–4—n—8 are showin’ here. I’d like
each one in a 1-1 then all five can come
to me together and fuck me senselessly
in one hell of a “train” or “gang banG!!"

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, one fine Friday post Koba!

#1) Oh yes indeed, that's what these old time gang showers is all about, getting to enjoy watching a dude soap up. That's if your into dudes:):)

#2) F--k Koba, I'm leaking pre, just looking at this pic. Awesome body on this straight young man and what a great cock. Also the pictured babe on his door, makes me even hornier (don't hate me, because I have a thing for the straight lads:) Though they can put you through the "mill", IF YOU LET THEM:(

#3) Heck ya, crab your cock it feels sooooo good. And what a great looking piece of man-meat:)

#4) Koba you trying to give me a heart attack?...LOL... Just how I love them, The big boys. That awesome body, that gorgeous cock, that smile, hell the cap he's wearing, those tats.. Wow...:):)

#5) Nice, buddies having an enjoyable afternoon, relaxing and helping each other out. Don't forget to lick those fine looking loose eggs:)

#6) OH my, I going to run onto the field and take care of this dude. He's evidently have a bad case of blue balls!!!

#7) OH don't be shy handsome, Look us right in the eyes. What a great body, and love your "treasure trail"

#8) OH, "ginger snap" that is one long dong, just make sure those snapping turtles don't get hungry:)

#9) What a handsome young man. I love to come over to his place and keep him company:)

#10) Wow, is he ever, getting a nice drink of "warm" water:)

#11) That's what it's all about guys, "making the creamy butter":):)

Thanks Koba... Now I'm going to jerk off to pic #2... look at his cute dimple, on his chin. I know, you didn't even notice, to busy, looking at his fine cock:):):):)

Queer Heaven said...

Great set of Dicks