Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications!

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Anonymous said...

Scott form Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday post Koba!

#1) Thick snake, finding a warm hole:)

#2) OH officer cutie, you can show me your badge of honor anytime you want to pull me over:)

#3) OH yes, if your looking for the balls to play with, you looking in the right place:)

#4) Hey, I would be sucking on that fine cock, till I get adjusted to the cock that was entering my hole:)

#5) Hell ya, keep that "bottom bitch" down, he doesn't mind at all:)

#6) Really nice body, buddy-boy:) Not really sure of the get-up your wearing, but, who cares, you would look good in anything you wore:)

#7) Yes one hairy dude, entering the crack of those sweet cheeks:)

#8) Yup that bottom is being "plugged":)

#9) What a great pic, those are some sweet lips going down on that fine cock:) Just remember to lick his balls:)

#10) Someones having a nice ride:):):)

Thanks Koba