Monday, May 23, 2016

Back to the grind... Or Victoria Day in Canada!

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Scott from Massachusetts said..

Happy Victoria Day Koba! Hope your enjoying the day off.

Great post Koba!

#1) All the boys enjoying their shower, after a hard workout:)

#2) Love to be in that locker room after their championship win. Celebratory Testosterone flying everywhere:)

#3) Yes, Yes, nice tushy, now a little lower PLEASE:):):) Nice tummy fur to.

#4) Wow, wasn't expecting a fine thick uncut cock, like that to pop out. Wish I was kneeling in front of him:):) That in one beautiful cock.

#5) Well dressed business men, enjoying their "cock" break":)

#6) Woof, good looking young man, with sweet little perky nips, and one nice "treasure trail":)

#7) What man doesn't like to have his cock sucked. Just be grateful there's plenty of "cocksuckers" around that love to take the beef in their mouth (I'm included, LOVE IT):):):)

#8) It's settled, I'm having a foot-long dog from the Dairy Queen tomorrow. Oh and dude you have great pits:)

#9) Would I love to part those hairy cheeks and get a taste of his hairy hole, and oh yes, I'll lick those beautiful balls.

#10) GO FOR IT, GO FOR IT:):):)

Thanks Koba