Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Hot Studs said...

Adore that 1st dude... But, as a top!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, yes I say it again Wow.. Thursday hotness is right, with this great posting!!!

#1) Now that's a MOUTHFUL OF COCK..Just beautiful.. and if I'm not mistaken, that looks like our handsome man, Paul Wagner, having that feast:)

#2) Buddy it's all right to admire that piece of meat, but, dude, get on it, before he changes his

#3) That a boy, enjoy that fine cock:)

#4) Hey when you thirsty, any port in a storm:)

#5) Love to take care of these well packaged jocks:)

#6) Do I love a thick cock and FAT balls, and this dude has both:)

#7) Wow, that's a handful, if your going to jerk that thicky, you wrist is going to get a great workout:)

#8) OH my, reminds me of yesteryear, under the dickity docks in P-town:):) Ah the good old days:)

#9) My, My, we have some hungry boys:)

#10) Now dude, lick that sweet cream, off your buddy's face:)

Thanks Koba