Friday, August 21, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Fantastic, Friday post Koba!!

#1) LOVE IT:) The boys having a grand old time, in the "gang shower", one of the bennies if your a man into men:)

#2) LMAO... too funny, where you find this little gem Koba? Mr "straight" Beckham, doesn't seem too happy, but the other guy is in his glory:)

#3) Now that's a "CURVED" prime piece of man meat:) that would certainly tickle a women's or man's "button":):)

#4) Wow, a shower before the shower:)

#5) F--k, he REEKS of MASCULINITY::):):):)

#6) Now those are two happy young men:):) Cock and Balls:):)

#7) I'm with him, I only go to the GH, with two holes:):) I like to keep my hands and mouth busy at all times:)

#8) This dude better be into men, or he's in a lot of trouble.. sandwiched between those two dudes:):)

#9) Wow, that "cocksucker" know how to treat a nice mushroom head:) and those blue eyes alone would give me a Boner:)

#10) Wow this dude is really getting "creamed:):):)

Thanks Koba