Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to the grind or are you on vacation?


Studs said...

Yet another wonderful post!
Love these pics of men!! :)

Axiom2001 said...

This post today is making me hornier than a mother fucker!
I want and need them 'ALL' now!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Koba you started the week off with a great Monday posting:)

#1) Oh I just have a strong feeling shower dude left the door open on purpose. He know's there's dudes like me that can't resist a peek:):)

#2) F--k ya indeed, that is my kind of guy to do anything with, just beefy enough to make me go, ga, ga. I do like the big boys:)

#3) Wow, neatly dressed big armed dude, is taking a pounding:)

#4) Sweet, handsome dudes in suits, showing off their sausages:)

#5) Now that's what I call a nice "coffee break":)

#6) Reminds me of the song "Hurts so good"!!!!:):):)

#7) Love has this strapping young man, keep cool on a hot day:)

#8) Oh buddy, let me help you carry some of those "packages":)

#9) of the most wonderful sights on earth, a full double moon on a crystal clear day..

#10) Hell, I would be all smiles to, if my face took that milking:)

Thanks Koba