Saturday, August 22, 2015


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Scott said...

Wow, some Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!!

#1) Nice.. two handsome bro's or "fuck buddies":):):)

#2) It's settled for Sunday's breakfast, I'm having "pigs in a blanket":):)

#3) Oh yes, the sweet introduction:):):) I think it's going VERY WELL:)

#4) I certainly like to be lying next to this hot married dude (hey my fantasy.. I think that's a wedding ring, and I do love me a "straight" man)

#5) Oh yes, the boys having a wonderful time... love it:):):)

#6) Ok picture taken, now get back on that fine meat, you lucky "cocksucker" you:):):):):)

#7) Woof, love those "eggs" and the sausage that goes with them.

#8) For a little lad that sure is one nice slice of man-hood:):)

#9) Oh my, I like how these boys play:):)

#10) Handsome lad, with really nice eyes:) Oh yes, I see that beautiful dark bush to, and the tuft of pit hair:):)

#11) Now that dude is getting a nice feeding:)

Thanks Koba