Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hump Day!

Hey dudes! I've been really busy of late and haven't had as much time as usual to scour the Internet for my hot hunky pics. Hence, I have only four butts in stock today, so our regular Wednesday competition will return next week. Please enjoy today selection in any case!


Mark Greene said...

pics are great. You know we all get busy so just keep doing a great job as much as possible. And remember its hump day. Find someone to hump. :-)

The Male Casting Couch

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, don't you worry your pretty head off, you always give us a wonderful post, this one being no exception..

#1) Oh yes, some hairy Bears are going to get some loving:)

#2) Smooth or hairy, naked boys and their beers, you gotta love them:)

#3) I wouldn't mind one bit, joining these dudes on the beach:)

#4) F--k, I need a massage for my sore muscles, and that dude has the strong hands to do it.

#5) Wow, lick that candy treat, before you gobble it down:)

#6) Hell ya, Crank that nut out, big guy:):)

#7) I'm most happy when I have a nice piece of man-meat in my mouth:)

#8) IN A HEART BEAT BIG BOY, I'LL BE YOUR DADDY. Man would I love to get my tongue in his ass, on his balls, then treat him to a toe tongued bath:)..Woof

#9) Yes, a nice "hot meat stick" will keep you warmth in cold weather:)

#10) Yup he definitely has the fat balls to make that whip cream:)

Thanks Koba