Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Dan said...

#2 is me in the steam room of my gym, on duty nearly every day

Tom (Spain) said...

I just want to vote for the smoking guy in the leather jacket

Anonymous said...

I'm with TOM on that one!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Terrific Thursday Hotness post Koba!!

#1) Nice body dude, and one GREAT looking Python of a cock:)

#2) Wow, That dude is in "cocksucker" heaven:):):) Those are some thick pieces of prime meat:)

#3) That a boy young man, after that nut you cranked out of your huge cock, it is indeed, time for a nap:)

#4) Hell, just adorable.. love his dark pits and nice nips too:)

#5) Ah, the boys humping, jerking and spewing all over the place:)

#6) Hey cute bookworm, you keep pinching that nip, tugging your cock, and those fat balls of yours is going to unleash a nice load on your dress pants:)

#7) Oh yes indeed spread those legs wide, that hungry "cocksucker" has a job to do:):)

#8) F-----------c---------kkkkkk, I just squirted all over my computer screen. Dude you got the look, and that cock is a BEAUTY:) Man the lucky man or women that gets to play with that baby:)

#9) Ah the jocks having a good time, and just maybe, a better time is a CUMMING:)

#10) Now that's a full pouch:):):)

Thanks Koba