Saturday, December 6, 2014



Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nothing like waking up, coffee in hand, and see a fine post like this!

#1) Let me at that fine wet uncut cock and fat balls:)

#2) Sweet.. young man with great bodies, mugging for the camera:)

#3) I want to be "bunk mates" with these hot men .. OH yeah I would be starring at that ass to, and If I may be so bold, as to say, I wouldn't mind getting my nose up there:)

#4) Long legged hairy dude getting horny before his shower:)

#5) Oh my, it's never ceases to amaze me with wonderment, is when I pull a dudes boxer briefs down and see a nice piece of meat just waiting for some attention:)

#6) Holy Hot chocolate Batman, from what I can tell, that is one fine long cock:)

#7) Ah these boys need a little "down" time from the family cookout:)

#8) Very nice pic, handsome dude, nice feet, uncut cock, and those hairy legs:):)

#9) Wow good looking hairy dude.. I hope is thing is getting blown while he has his boots on:)

#10) Wow, I would love to be underneath getting that fountain of hot man-goo:)

Thanks Koba, have a great day. Rainy, raw day here in Mass, might just stay in, enjoy my Christmas lights, and, um, ah, call a "friend"..

Anonymous said...

#1 - so hot!!!!!!


Stan said...

I love the two on the beach in #2.
Ah that precious youth!

Ray said...

I'm a total cum slut: #10 has me on my knees, mouth open to catch every drop