Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Hey guys. Not a regular Wednesday post today ... I'm running low on butt pics yet again! I hope all of you who celebrate it have a safe and merry Christmas!


Queer Heaven said...

Wishing you a cum filled Holiday1

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thanks for the Christmas Eve treat Kobe:)

#1) OH yeah, I could definitely go for a slice of manly "pucker pie" tonight before Santa comes:)

#2) It brings a smile to my face when cocks play nice:) They should get something special for Christmas:)

#3) Sweet, imagine having your cock sucked by two guys and ONE is YOURSELF:) Amazing...

#4) Pits, bush, cock and balls, oh yes indeed... It's getting near Christmas:)

#5) A double Jim dandy:):)

#6) Fu-k ya dude, getting a whiff of your own pit, can make your cock as hard as a rock:)

#7) Santa, I have been a good boy this year. Please bring me a hunky dude with a thick cock I can suck on for tomorrow:)

#8) Love to join that party of 3:)

#9) Hey cutie, nice hanging meat you have:)

#10) "Oh yes, nice and clean, I'm going in"

Thanks Koba... Hope your enjoying a relaxing Christmas EVE.