Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Merry Christmas Koba... You certainly have been good to us all year long. I hope Santa was good to you?

#1) Ah yes, missing the gym big time, have not been there much in the last week.

#2) Just let me ask you one thing handsome young man, Do you eat?? LOL... I'm envious of those abs of yours... and you have nice arms to:)

#3) Things are looking up for this handsome smiling young man:)

#4) Now that dude, is being teased with that delicious cock, but he's still getting that nice big mushroom capped head in his mouth:)

#5) Oh yeah, "pigs in a blanket" sounds very good for breakfast tomorrow:)

#6) Ah, leave that hairy pit just like that, and I'll join you two cuties in a few:)

#7) OH my, he likes what he see's in the gym showers...LOL..

#8) Hey macho hairy dude, how about me licking those fat balls of yours?:)

#9) OH yes, I think they are both getting what they want for Christmas:)

#10) Ah, isn't that a nice pic, of the perfect sized cock (the medium thickie) nice balls to. I would clean those droplets of cum up in a heartbeat:)

Thanks Koba