Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank God it's Boxing Day!


Mark Greene said...

Very nice post !

#1 very hot capture of getting that callipygous booty ready for being pleasured deeply. I could observe this image for hours.

#2 to be able to get this many men together to be naked would be a fantasy come true !

#3 #4 Nothing to say other than arousing to see.

#6 I love the entire theme. Even though the guy's not really my type, I love the outfit and especially what he's doing.

#7 I would so fuck that !

#8 I love the virility of this guy ! very sexy !

#9 No need to explain !

Great post ! Thanks for sharing.

uncle barry said...

#7 is My Pretty Pony and I could Ride ALL DAY LONG ;-)

karl said...

Very nice you should rename it COXing Day LOL.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Happy Boxing Day Koba. Might I add, what a Hot posting today:)

#1) This picture never fails to turn me on. Love the bigger beefier dude, getting ready to probe open the smaller bottom hole for some man to man action:)

#2) Ah, word finally got out, that I'm the best "cocksucker" in the world, and the boys are "heading" to my place:)

#3) Young man, get on that slab of beefy, it's not going to bite you, it might spit at you, but not bite you:)

#4) Hey when your thirsty, you have to get a drink anyway you can.

#5) Yes, Yes, I finally hit the gym today, after a few days off, and yes, I saw hunky dudes like this one:)

#6) Oh my, maybe a dude with a football and jock fetish, and needed something up his butt to help him out:):)

#7) OH big boy with those nice "guns", don't pout, I'll give you some awesome head:)

#8) Look at that nice tummy fur, and he fills that jock out nicely:)

#9) What a beautiful uncut cock, Nice arms to:)

#10) That's what men into men is all about, shooting are man-goo on each other:):)

Thanks Koba