Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! Just want to wish each and every one of your a very Happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with love, hope, good health, and prosperity! And lots of sex, of course! Cin, cin!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, these hot pics certainly gave me some ideas how I'd like to spend New Year's Eve:)

#1) Oh yeah, like to be right between that handsome Ginger's nice hairy legs at midnight. I'd be on that cock, those balls, tongue in that "pretty pink pucker", and then I'm going to feast on those beautiful man feet:) Yes indeed I'm hope I can catch this Gingerbread man:)

#2) OH my, someone's using a toy that they got for Christmas:)

#3) Oh yes indeed handsome, you fill out that jock very well. Um, ah, what are you doing tonight? I thought we could watch the balls, oops I meant the ball drop at midnight:)

#4) Fuck, (sorry for swearing Koba) but that is my new screensaver pic:) Wow the most perfect beefy male body, well for me anyways) Those strong arms, those beefy hairy legs, nice tummy fur, and oh yeah, I see that nice nip:) Love to know what he's PACKING:):)

#5) Ah, that Leo, he's ringing in the New Year in a good way. A nice thick cock to feast on:) Leo cup those delicious balls.

#6) Hey hairy handsome, hurry up, and get into bed with me. We have a countdown to do:)

#7) OH yes, nice and clean, Now go in for the kill, with your tongue. Happy New Year to both of these lucking dudes. Sometimes there's nothing like a light touch of a tongue up your butt:)

#8) OH YEAH.. I bet you part those fine butt cheeks and your going to get a nice musky smell that leaves you warm and cozy coming from a very hairy crack:):)

#9) Nice, way to ring in the New Year, with a SNIFF BONER:) Hopefully he has someone to share it with.. hint, hint:):)

#10) Now that is my plan, to get a long legged hairy dude in my bed tonight:)

Koba have a great New Year's Eve tonight:) Thanks for the hot pics especially # 4

uncle barry said...

Great Post

Ray's Cowboy said...

1, 3, and 4 are totally HOT to me.

Koba, May you have a wonderful new year. Much love.


Axiom2001 said...

#1 I'd enjoy giving that tight, pink hole the warmest
of rimmings!
#3 ...on my knees to pleasure and savor his sweetness.
#5 May I share that hard, hot bone with you as well as taste your mouth and its sweet juices?
#6 ...would love to slap dat hot ass with an opened hand.
#7 That ripe for tongues and mouth before receiving lots of thick, hard inches!
#9 I'm on my knees; I want "that" now! It's BONE HARD!

karl said...

Had to laugh at Scott apologising for saying fuck after his very filthy but funny post LOL, Scott youre great too and a Happy New Year to you and Axiom and Ray and everyone else who is regularly on here!

uncle barry said...

#3 is packing some beef
While #4 is waiting to f#ck ME