Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

My oh my, some fine ramming going on today.. Hot post Koba!!

#1,2) Wow, this bottom bitch is getting exactly what he wants.. A thick cock up his butt, and fat bouncing balls slapping his ass ass checks..:):) Nice GIF

#3) Oh yes indeed that cock has that this bottoms "button".. Ah, look at his facial expression and sniff nips:)

#4) Wow, these two dudes are certainly painting the town red, with that banging going on:):)

#5) You better spread your long legs wide handsome, that is one thick piece of meat going in your "pucker":)

#6) Ah, Stan would call this, "Stairway to Heaven":):)

#7) These two young man, don't care where they are, they just know they have to catch their nut:)

#8) F-ck ya, hold that Bitch down, and hump away:):)

#9) While they do the nasty, I love to be sniffing around that hairy ass, and lick those those nice balls:)

#10) Nothing like an "old country" fu-k":)

#11) Oh yeah, a sweet connection has been made:)

Thanks Koba