Monday, December 15, 2014

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Marvelous Monday post Koba!!

#1) Holy f--k, that hunky dude is looking right at me in the showers, and his cock is pointing to where the sauna is. "Sure I'll meet you in there, and take care of that stiffy for you, but before I take "care" of you, I'm sniffing those hairy pits of yours."

#2) OH my, big balls everywhere:):)

#3) I wouldn't mind "scrubbing" this hunky dude from head to toe, not at all:)

#4) Hell ya, I'll be looking at that nice furry tummy to, while sucking on his nice cock:)

#5) Nice, a showoff, with dark hairy pits, and nice hairy legs:)

#6) Nice abs there Zac:)

#7) This security guard need a "dong break":)

#8) Wow, what a thick cock to be feasting on: Lucky Bastard:):)

#9) Woof, Woof...:):)

#10) Now that was a nice Thick load:)

Thanks Koba


karl said...

Scott youre so right - nothing better than a big hairy man!