Saturday, November 30, 2019



Butch 57 said...

Hot post. Love the poppin cock in 8

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Well Koba, we are under a Winter Storm Watch from tomorrow morning until sometime Monday. But this Weekender's post, will keep me nice and warm.

#1) Oh these two tattooed dudes are going to have a very nice weekend. They seem very happy to be with each other.

#2) Oh young man, can you find your way to my place and keep me warm with your nice long hairy legs?:)

#3) Wow, one long dong on this young man:)

#4) Com-on handsome, I know you can do it, just open that sweet mouth of yours a little wider:) You lucky bastard you, two nice cocks.

#5) Heavenly hairy chested torso!! Woof

#6) Wouldn't mind one bit, to get my nose into his hairy hole:)

#7) Now that's what I'm talking about!! Oh yes indeed, there are pit lovers that follow Koba's blog.

#8) Oh you can give me this show anytime buddy, but sooner or later that python going to land in my MOUTH:)

#9) With that facial expression, I know that young lad is appreciating that cocksucker's warm mouth.

#10) I want a warm load in my mouth this weekend.

Thanks Koba

Cy said...

A lovely mix of hotties and great cocks to dream about this weekend. Thanks Koba something to keep me warm. Hope you have a great weekend.