Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Hump Day!


bignate said...

I would not mind finding out what #1 has in those shorts

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

This Happy Hump Day posting got me so Horny Koba, great job!!

#1) Dude, seriously, you must do those all day? I don't even think I have a one pack, never mind the six pack you have. Good for you. Um but after your workout, how about me licking your sweaty pits?

#2) Now that's one nice "fishing pole"!!

#3) These young lads are celebrating Thanksgiving a day early:) Lucky bastards.

#4) Oh you hairy smiling young man you, Let us see all of you. Trust me, if everyone here is a cock lover like me, we will like it.

#5) "I don't understand, Scott is never late, it must be the holiday traffic".

#6) Sweet, two long donged lovers:)

#7) Oh buddy, you have no idea where I'm going to put my tongue, do you? Woof!!

#8) Wow, those sweaty pits and sniff nips.

#9) Oh my, I think we know who's going to call the shots here. Woof their both great porn stars, especially the Big dude. But their names escape me right now. I'm in a hurry I have to get to the two lads in pic #5!!

#10) Masculinity at its finest:)

Thanks Koba

Cy said...

What a beautiful selection for the day before Thanksgiving, the holiday that keeps on giving. Do you celebrate this Holiday in Canada???

Koba said...

Thanks for the feedback, as always, guys! And Cy, we do celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada, but it is earlier than in the U.S. It's the second Monday of October here.

Michehot said...

So hot! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

what movie pic 3 its from man? he is hot as fuck!