Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Happy Hump Day!


Butch 57 said...

Happy humping say! Love the look on the cocksucers in 4 & 10. Lol

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Happy Hump Day posting Koba!!

#1) Man, would I love to be a spectator at one of these events. Love to give that lad a nice slap on that nice compact bum-bum of his:)

#2) Oh my, love to free him of his underwear that is stuck in his underwear and replace it with my tongue:)

#3) Com-on buddy just a little bit more to go. Your teasing me, because you know I have a thing for man's feet.

#4) Oh bright eyed cutie, your going to break your jaw. BUT what a way to go:):)

#5) Pits and nips, oh yeah baby, I'll be right over:)

#6) Com-on get that cock back in your mouth. You already have his knob, nice and shiny:)

#7) F--k, that's all I need to see to get me horny today. Going to a "no pants party" tonight. The only requirement is that you take all your clothes off. You can DO as much OR as little as you want. I'm a giver so I'll suck as much cock as I can.

#8) Before the "no pants party", I'm going to hit the gym. Wouldn't mind seeing his hairy dude in the sauna:)

#9) F--k ya, I can identify with this foot lover:)

#10) Oh indeed young man, you took it like a trooper:)

Thanks Koba

bignate said...

It's the best day of the week